Some history...

"Le Couvent" was built at the end of the nineteenthe century by the pastor of Neuviale, Father Pierre Ferrand. His purpose was to have a school for the girls of Neuviale, and the enthusiastic villagers helped him construct it.
Three Dominican nuns of the Monteils chapter soon moved to Neuviale to run the school.

In August of 1898, le Couvent is blessed, a grand event that the whole village attended to. The students then organized a show and received their end-of-year degree. The blessing of Le Couvent is an important date in its history.

In the 1960s, Le Couvent was a boarding school for boys. At that time, around thirty children lived at the school. After 1973 the school shuts down and Le Couvent is mainly rented out as a summer camp for children living in the nearby cities..
In 2001 we bought Le Couvent, and we spent a long time renovating it with care and bringing it up to modern standards. This magnificent building is now ready for a new chapter in its rich history!